Evolo 2015-Skyscraper competition, The Water is life

" Where are the people ? ...... “People?” she echoed. “I saw them, several years ago. But one never knows where to find them. The wind blows them away. They have no roots, and that makes their life very difficult.”

/Antoine de Saint – Exupery – “The Little Prince”/

Busy in our daily lives, busy grooming our own ego in the bustle of the day, we, people, forget about the simple things that are actually the reason for our existence. We take for granted things that actually have a tremendous value. We do not realize how truly the wind of self-oblivion brings us, being immersed in phone calls, appointments, social networks and we don't even look up to see things which we actually live for. The environment in which we live is not our laptop, our mobile phone or our car, but Nature that we carry in every cell of our bodies.

Interestingly, from the creation of the world through all philosophies and religions until today, no matter the times and the sentiment of humanity, WATER occupies an extremely important place not only purely physiologically, but also in psychological aspect. Water or waterdrop bears huge significance from science-based works to the mystical symbolism in recognized and unrecognized beliefs and teachings. This is an element that people do not stop talking about, and there is always something more to be said, analyzed and redesigned.

It is from the position of the modern person responsible for life environment – the architect, that we took the liberty to offer also our vision on that VALUE where realized, where not. We linked our vision of the MODERN world to that dimension timeless in time and dimension, showing our infinite respect for Nature, having the confidence to be ARTISTS.

That's how our minds were provoked to create a different building, whose structure can not be simply a passive building – which in recent years it has been modern and up to date to talk about, but to make a new interpretation of the maxim that in every living being there is a drop of water. We entered a little world in our "drop" .

We have created an environment whose functional entirety, like the individual elements of a building, meets the needs of the modern world:

Probes pump underground water, which is then examined and processed to be consumable;

Systems for desalination of water from sea and oceans will make it fit for irrigation and use in agriculture;

In laboratories in the building one will carry out analyzes and tests to prove the quality of the water to remove unwanted chemical, biological and solid substances;

High-tech laboratories will help in analyzing and testing the water. By the use of the organic raw materials organic products will be produced /medicines, cosmetics, food additives/;

Hydroelectric power station will use the gravitational force of water masses for energy production;

Used water supplies will be treated and reused in households, agriculture and industry;

The center for recreation and restoration, accommodated in the top floors of the building will be used in water use in sport games and medical procedures.

 Since our project is entirely inspired by water, we obeyed its look and design to this both simple and mystical element. We have made a vision that is associated with the movement of the water. We completely used materials with properties similar to those of water – transparency and specularity, light reflectance and light absorption.

It is a symbol and reflection of nature and nature is inside it.