Fashion museum in Omotesando Street, Tokyo 2010

Fashion from lat. Modus /manner, rule, regulation, time, rhythm/ means a way of expression, manner for a certain age. The fashion is aspiration for the ideal of beauty, the beautiful is harmony. Precisely these elements are intentionally sought by us in the museum concept. 
The building by itself is dominated by its height but is harmonizing with the context considering the nearby buildings of the fashion houses. The building is designed by plan as a square, which is clearly readable on the facades as well, emphasizing the architectonic structural design. The basic elements on the façade are the square and the regular square pyramid, the glass parts derived from truncated pyramids, forming the square again. Conscious or not, the number five is at the heart of development: the axle distance is five meters; five is the structural height of the floors, divisible of five are all elements of the plan and the façade of the building. The number five can be regarded as a symbol of the man and his five senses. The proposed materials in the project for the facades are polished inox elements and glass, materials harmonizing with the idea for fashion museum.