International architectural competition for the Centre for Promotion of Science 2010


The present competitive project presents preliminary architectural design for a new building of The Research Centre and it is a concept of an urban planning of the area belonging to Block 39. The existing correlation between science and technology, innovative ideas and their realization in socially significant inventions, the scientific and artistic circles is extremely important and an integral part of the contemporary civilization. Therefore, we provide for an overall coherent concept, which manifests the avant-garde ideas, ambitions, hunger for knowledge and devotion of young scientists. The urban decision of Block 39 followed the idea of the position of The Research Centre, along with the communication lines and the visual axes. The axes are shaped like the contours of PCB (printed circuit board) which connect electronic components and conduct electricity. Implicitly, we would like to show how fluids and knowledge flow along these pathways and tracks speeding to raise communications to an intriguing, exciting level and a higher quality. The main communication axis connects the western and eastern corners of the plot diagonally. The minor contours are the link between different university buildings, office buildings and detached research institutes. The Research Centre has an expressive and emblematic radiation, underscoring the importance of the building into the overall urban planning concept of Block 39. Both the plan and the volume of the building radiate dynamism and impetus managing to direct this energy to the visitor. The main part of the building is the volume that contains the body of the planetary sphere and it is located along the main communication axis. The total volume flows from the 33 meters high peak to the end of the building through various inclined planes, which are linked dynamically with the university buildings and The Scientific Institute. The plasticity of the building is achieved through clear and simple geometric shapes, stating definitely the function of the building and inspiring to science, education and development. Some glass pixels and openings, different in colours and glare, complement the dynamics of the spaces and make them more vibrant and interesting. The planetarium is hanging in the space of The Research Centre, overt and visible from either the square or The Scientific Institute through the pixel openings. The mirror surface of the planetary sphere gives a distorted and abstract representation of the surrounding environment. There is a water mirror in front of the planetarium. It complements the view and represents it in a different way stimulating further visitors’ senses.