Reconstruction of Art Centre

Burgas city, Bulgaria
Area - 5050 sq.m.
The Petrochemist Art Centre is situated in the central part of Burgas City – Troykata Square. It is locked between Hristo Botev Street, Knyaz Boris I Street, Vasil Levski Street and Troykata Street. There is a separate parking lot on Troykata Street. The building was opened in 1975 and is public municipal property. Its purpose is to host various cultural and economic activities. Professional foreign and local artistic institutions visit the Centre. Events for various associations, foundations, organizations etc, take place there too. Some emblematic buildings for the city such as the Military Club, The Opera and Ballet Theatre, schools, the Law court are also situated in the vicinity. 
The building was constructed approximately 40 years ago and is in good condition due to the high quality of the project and its execution, given the existing standarts at the time. The current building does  not meet the legal requirements in terms of accessibilty and fire safety. The subject of the current plan is the construction of a new, contemporary, and visually attractive building.