Renovation and Reconstruction of an Existing Building into a Culture and Education Centre for Modern Art and a Library

Area - 5500 sq.m.
The building was constructed approximately 80 years ago; it is in very poor condition and is unusable. The subject of the current plan is the construction of a new, modern and visually attractive building. The idea is to turn it into a library and a museum of modern art. 
The exisitng building is being designed to function as a library according to our project. In order to emphasize its importance and capture passerby’s attention, we have put glass elements with bookshelves on the elevations. The elements are framed with metal, on which wooden shelves are installed. New openings in the facade have not been planned; rather, the existing ones are utilized. Sufficient light penetrates through these modules into the premises.
The building’s elevation interpretation uses exposed concrete. The joints are clearly accentuated in its implementation.
The Museum of Modern Art stands in contrast with its exquisite, all-glass elevation surfaces.
The building speaks for itself; the words inscribed on it suggest about our centuries-old history, about the knowledge that we could gain if we only touched its essence for a moment. The suspended glass curtain wall and the clear inscriptions of famous actors on it, as well as the works of Bulgarian and foreign authors add to the integrity of the architectural idea. A building that suggests its function invites people of all ages to enter and take some of the knowledge back with them. 
The clear rectangular geometry and the neatness of the forms add elegance and harmony to the silhouette. The gently curving terrace line and the amphitheatre’s contour serve as a visual accent to the structure. The building inspires one’s curiosity, delight and a desire to grasp its essence. We believe this is the main goal of its architectural function.