The Istanbul Disaster prevention and edication centre

Istanbul, Turkey

The expansion of population in cities demands an increase in quantity and complexity of buildings and infrastructure. Today, this process makes the urban environment more vulnerable to natural disasters than in the past. 
The city of Istanbul has been a major population centre with a prominent role in commercial cultural activities for at least two millennia. Istanbul held its role as capital with three different civilizations. The symbiosis and communication between different religions, rich languages and cultures have formed the atmosphere and spirit of the city. Unique in its way, Istanbul has created a civilization, which draws its characteristics from centuries of human development and culture. 
This aspect of the city – being a unifying and sophisticated core gave us the idea to look for its manifestation in this Disaster prevention and education centre called the Fifth element, combining the four main natural elements and forces. 
The site, located in a newly developing area in the Bakırköy district on the European Side of Istanbul, close to Atatürk International Airport, will host the new education centre - an emblematic new element of the city, towering at 78 meters and revealing a breathtaking view over Istanbul.