Kibela Royal Resort Village

Balchik city, Bulgaria
Area - 27400 sq.m.
The Village is situated in the Tabiyata Region, the city of Balchik. Greek-island architectural style has been sought when designing the exclusive private Kibela Royal Resort Village. The concentric composition dictates curved and arched building shapes in terms of floor plans, and the volumes have rounded vertical and horizontal angles. In combination with the exuberant greenery with live plants  on  every floors, profuse glazing, pergolas and wood-colour shutters, on display is an extraordinarily warm and pleasant architecture. The volumes are  horizontally segmented at the balconies, and the multiple pergolas, shutters, as well as elevating the height of certain spatial structures emphasizes the vertical axis. This creates sculpturesque architecture which adds harmony to the buildings in the resort. At the same time, the community centre in the heart of the complex stands in contrast to the rest of the buildings with its sharp edges, cantilevered terraces with sharp protrusions and low-slope roofing. This distinguishes the buildings in terms of their functions but does not separate them from the context and purpose of the resort, i.e. sea, golf and recreation.