Litex-Topola Villa Resort

The Resrot is to be developed on the lands of Topola village, municipality of Kavarna. The area is not urbanized; it is challenging to develop and has a high vertical drop east/southeastwards. The optimal sea view has been fully taken advantage of, starting even at the level of urban planning developments. The entire resort comprises a territory of 591,806.8 sq.m. and it is planned to  include 514 single family homes of various square footage. Certain zones are also designated to function as community service centres and sport facilities. The development of a comprehensive infrastuctrure (roads and underground facilities) is also stipulated. 
The versatile terrain and its geology are taken into consideration as far as the the resort’s structure is concerned. The terrain is fully taken advantage of and, accordingly, several zones are differentiated, each hosting a certain number of houses. Synchronization and total effect being the target, five types of single family structures are designed which vary in size, number of floors, vision and approach. These are divided into another five subtypes which are described in detail in the project’s forms and records to ensure optimal approach and service.
The various infrastructural facilities such as wastewater treatment plants and power substations are also a part of the project’s general plan while the rich landscaping and development conform to the concept of a luxury villa resort.