Renovation of Balkan Hotel, City of Gabrovo

Gabrovo city
Area - 8180 sq.m.
Balkan Hotel was built approximately 40 years ago and is in good condition due to the high quality of the project and its execution, given the existing standards at the time. It consists of a tall 11-floor tower and a short 3-floor tower, linked via an air-conditined connection on ground floor level. The target of the current plan is the tall tower. The short 3-floor tower which hosts a restaurant, several multi-function halls and hotel rooms has already been renovated before and will be the subject of the second stage of the hotel’s renovation.
The harmony in the elevation solution is enforced by the use of modern materials: structural suspended facade, Swisspearl cement composite panels, aluminium window frames in colour that matches the architectural detail. The hotel's shell will attain a brand new outlook. A suspended glass curtain wall that follows the contour of the concrete slab will replace the existing one. There is only one element from the current shell that will be preserved and renovated – the magnificent fresco with exceptionally clear geometry. It is also the backbone of the new design vison for the builiding.