Varna Law court

Varna, Bulgaria
Area - 41400 sq.m.
The property was preliminarily chosen by the Mnistry of Justice and is located on a site that is confined from four sides. Parizhka Komuna Street, Nikola Daskalov Street and Nikola Kanev Street are auxiliary while Doktor Piskyuliev Boulevard provides the main vehicular/pedestrian communication. The adjacent area  is developed with residential buildings and a kindergarten while another residential building and a police station are planned for construction on Parizhka Komuna Street. 
The building's location is of great significance for the community and choosing a site in the central part of the city facilitates transport and communication. There are multiple community buildings providing various auxiliary services in the vicinity. The spatial solution for the building reflects the significance of its judiciary function. The accentuated vertical emphasis embodies the stability, the rigorous impartiality and fairness of jurisprudence. The striving for an enduring architectural shape is emphasized through exterior elevation elements featuring exposed concrete, as well as the absence of fine details. The two atrium spaces above the main entrances create an atmosphere of  solemnity and significance commensurable with the institution.