Briz Multifamily Residential Building

Varna, Bulgaria
Area - 6945 sq.m.
The spatial structure of the building fully serves its functions and purpose. The clear geometry and neatness of shapes add elegance and harmony to the silhouette. Curtain wall is the solution of choice for the ground floor, and the walls feature wooden perforated rain screen panels. Typical floors are cantilevered. The surface of the two  main elevations is disrupted by the checkerboard positioning of the Swisspearl cement composite panels and the breaks in the aluminium joinery and the loggias. Opposite to them is the corner of the building featuring a wooden perforated rain screen which aims at a maximum outward opening of the space.  
The harmony in the elevation  solution is enforced through the use of modern materials such as wooden perforated rain screen, the Swisspearl cement composite panels, aluminium joinery in colour that matches the architectural detail and triplex railing with inox handle.