Festa Multifamily Residential Building

Varna city, Bulgaria
Area - 44180 sq.m.
The site, where the building is located, is at the intersection of Slivnitsa Boulevard and Vyara Street. The building is detached, replacing an existing rehabilitation centre with swimming pools. 
The structural solution comprises two wings, incorporated into one harmonic shape. The main function is residential and the apartments are distributed on 18 above-ground floors in wing A, and 15 above-ground floors in wing B.
The building’s architecture is organic, and endowing the elevations  with a specific rhythm displaces the monotony of the tall structure. Plasticity becomes lighter through the use of different materials on the elevation, such as white sandwich panels and glass, that add a more modern touch to the building’s appearance. The landmark purpose of the structure is motivated by its location, the panoramic view and the maximum utilization of the property as far as recretaion and greenery are concerned.