The Ivy House

The existing structure was built approximately eighty years ago and was in bad condition. After a comprehensive  architectural and engineering survey, a renovation proposal was drafted. 
The building is composed of a partial walkout basement, first floor and a loft space. The main supporting elements are stone for the basement and the supporting walls, masonry exterior shell and a woodframe floor structure. The roof is pitched and covered with Mediterranean style U-shaped roof tiles. Vertical circulation is achieved through an interior stair enclosure.
The project’s goal is to retain the residential purpose of the house, redistribute the spaces and install a new concrete structure, completely within the footprint of the existing building. Following the structural design, the unusable elements and the woodframe roof structrue will be removed and the interfloor woodfloor joists will be replaced by concrete floor slab. The front wall of the first floor’s Eastern elevation will be retained and reinforced. The pitched roof will be transformed into a flat one and angled roof drains will be installed. The basement level will be extended to match the footprint of the ground floor. An extra 80 cm of clear height is achieved through additional excavation into the existing grade. 
The villa’s renovation aims at preserving the character of the existing elevation to the largest possible extent. The locations and the sizes of the windows are retained. All pilasters and the window trim retain their shape, and will be  crafted from natural stone. In lieu of the existing wood-and-glass frame of the South elevation, a new metal one with wrought iron ornaments is designed.