The Long House

The building is located in the Briz residential district. Two bedrooms with en-suite type bathrooms and a gym are located on the first floor facing South. A storage space, laundry room, sauna and a bathroom are located towards the back with connection to the gym. A naturally lit double run stair unit  is located on the North elevation.
The second floor is functionally divided into a day unit in its southwestern part and a night unit in its southeastern part. In the former there is a sitting room with a dining area, a kitchen, a bathroom and a storage room. In the other part, there are two bedrooms, each with a private bathroom and a walk-in dressing closet. There is a balcony in front of the bedrooms and an indoor patio in front of the sitting room and the dining area, connected to the exterior with a one-shoulder stair unit. 
The spatial functionality of the design solution is achieved through clear rectiliear shapes, weaved both in plan and volumetrically. The elongated compact handrails that alternate with the long openings accentuate the horizontality of the overall building composition. Two solid vertical volumes emerge across the middle of the structure, divided by a glass slit, which serves both as the artistic and architectural emphases of the structure, as well as its balancing element. This elelment of plasticity is complemented by the West and East wings of the roof inclined in opposite direction. The choice of natural materials  such as stone, wood and glass relate to the surrounding landscape, while the boulders in front of the patio add to the outdoor ambiance.